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Dear Guest,

Sultan Gardens Resort team is committed to perform effective implementation and maintain high standards of the preventive measures at the resort during COVID-19.

In accordance with the local health authorities requirements and international guidelines following measures are taken in order to prevent and reduce risk of spread of infection at the resort:

1) Crisis Management Team

2) All team members are trained on COVID-19 awareness

3) Special trained Housekeeping team to deal with emergency cases

4) Cleaning and Disinfection procedures

5) Adhering to the latest guidance for hygiene protocols

6) Set menu/hot plate food service at the restaurant

7) Sunbeds around pools and beach areas are placed in-group of two and at least 2m away from each other

8) Sufficient stock of cleaning and disinfecting supplies and personal protective equipment etc.

Additional measures upon guests’ arrival:

1) Temperature monitoring

2) Disinfection of vehicles and luggage

3) Providing disposable masks and gloves

4) Safety precautions during check-in and check-out

For safety during COVID-19 pandemic, guests shall follow resort’s regulations and instructions such as:

1) Good personal and hand hygiene

2) Maintain social distance 1.5m-2m

3) Immediately report any symptoms of COVID-19 (high fever 38.3C, cough, and breathing difficulties) to a nominated member of the property staff (Guest Relations Officer/ by phone).

4) Where a family member is suspected or known to be ill, the whole family shall be excluded from using any facilities within the resort and arrangements are made for them to have their meals in their rooms. Guests shall remain in special assigned building/block till further notes from medical personnel and/or local health authorities.

We wish you a happy and safe vacation!

Sultan Garden Resort

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